Garden Sphinx
“Through art, the relics of history, and the detritus of nature, we may glimpse the tapestry of the Grand Design —
however fleetingly.”
Dr. Mycenae T. Consonant

The purpose of this website is to share the progress of an ongoing project involving an inherited collection of artifacts and objects that once belonged to the (long-defunct) New Museum of the Pacific, a “dime museum” located in Piedmont, California, owned and operated by Dr. Mycenae T. Consonant.  Remnants of the collection were cleaned and repaired as necessary, and now reside in The Repository of Wonders, a traveling exhibition that is maintained under the auspices of Chief Curator Susan Malmstrom, with assistance from Researcher & Archivist Wanda Waterman, and Photographic Specialist/Assistant Curator Elizabeth Kenneday.

Our staff works tirelessly—researching, archiving, and preparing objects for display as they are added to the Repository.
We hope that you enjoy your stay here; please return as often as you like.
—Susan Malmstrom, Chief Curator

Please note that the entirety of The Repository of Wonders  is the copyrighted work of  Susan Malmstrom, Wanda Waterman, and Elizabeth Kenneday. We are often imitated; never equaled.

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