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Greetings! Come, enter the strange and wondrous world of the Evil Twins. We hope you’ll fall in love right away.

We create books for grown-ups who still sigh with awe at the sight, sound, or scent of something lovely, who allow themselves to be stupefied with wonder, who let their imaginations be kindled, and who are still enchanted by the scenes, settings, and characters first introduced to them in their bedtime books.

We’re also a bit naughty and known to tell fibs, but it’s only because we want to make you laugh at the subcontinents and underpinnings of our strange joint imagination.

We would also like to help you on your own journey, in the hopes that we can help it to be more creative, balanced, and healing, for you and for this wondrous faerie planet.
Every best wish,
The Evil Twins

About the Evil Twins
It was in the growing malaise that came in the wake of the infotech revolution that the Evil Twins began trading thoughts and weaving tapestries of ideas, poems, and pictures based on a radically different view of reality, one that held the present world accountable to the wisdom of ancient traditions.
Wanda lived on the western side of the river, where the fields and forests were still new (after having been razed for shipbuilding in the 19th century). She would send poems to S., who lived on the eastern side of the river where there still grew ancient trees and mushrooms and where small herds of deer could often be seen loping through her backyard. S. would read the poems and echo back pictures. Before long they began making little books, the kind a reflective reader might delight in just before dropping off.
We hope you’ll be one of those readers.
Every best wish,
The Evil Twins
(S. I. Hall and Wanda Waterman)

faeire_woodFor thousands of years girls have been crossing bright meadows to enter dark forests. They’ve allowed their legs to be gently whipped by buttercups and asters, and they’ve often stopped to crouch down in search of four-leaf clovers and wild strawberries. They’ve climbed turnstiles, stone walls, hedges, and barbed wire fences, with or without dogs tagging along to guard their virtue. Weather, climate, flora, fauna, and geography have varied, but this part of the experience is always the same: Once the girl enters the forest, everything changes.
~from the introduction to They Tell My Tale to Children Now to Help Them to Be Good

Our faerie volumes are designed to remind you of the books that sat on your bedside table when you were very young, books gleaned from the library or having arrived as birthday and Christmas gifts from adults who loved Faerie and who felt a surge of nostalgic joy at the thought of sharing it with a small and wondering being, the kind of being for whom Faerie lives on.



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